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Shushu Entertainment is a talent management company which represents actors, writers, directors, and content creators.  Our production side handles the development, finance, and execution of slate of projects. We are proud to collaborate with the industry's best both domestically and internationally.

“Everything we do at Shushu is tailored to developing content with purpose” says founder Guy Kochlani. “My vision of having the transparent ability to greenlight emerging projects and infuse them with life is what drove my move from agency to management and production. I am beyond excited for what the future holds and my passion for working with both domestic and international talent is at the heart of Shushu’s identity.”  


Shushu is Hebrew slang for doing something quietly behind the scenes, which is what Kochlani and his team seeks to do as they want their actions to make the noise. Shushu Entertainment is headquartered in Los Angeles and provides personalized talent management, focusing on long-term success strategies, to a select roster of clients. The production arm focuses on developing new content for TV, both scripted and unscripted, as well as film and live performances.

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